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  • We offer martial arts training who aim to train in a friendly atmosphere to give children and adults alike the many benefits that come from learning a martial art”

    Our association, over the years have expanded and diversified its network of operations through its various clubs and associates provide karate training. For our association wherein we can provide the training of karate, unarmed combat and kata training.

    We once again reiterate our commitment toward providing you the best of service.

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    Membership / Affiliation

    We invite new members for District Affiliation & Club Membership

    Membership Benefits:

    - Chance to attend District / National /
       Intl. & World level Seminars/events
    - Rank Promotions


    The Indian Chapter of the school is led by Shihan Gireesh Perumthatta (5th Dan Black Belt - Japan), (Former Karate Coach Kerala Police Academy), the Chief Instructor and Grand Master Representative - india.


Yellow Belt Award Ceremony

Rehan, Pareena, Vishu, Shifa

See Pics..

See pics of Summer Camp Award Ceremony
(Pre-Nursery to Grade-5)

For: Kids of age group 4 to Above

To register your kids name, contact Principal at:
297, Chandan Vihar, Bati Peer Dad Road, Jalandhar
Mob.: 7814880009, 9464620456, 9779077492….


We invite you to learn more about the World Shotokan Karate style, its founder & leadership, and our philosophy that makes Shotokan Karate so applicable to today's life.