Karate-do Grading System

The entire beginner class will line up in a single file line to bow in prior to class beginning. This as a sign of respect for everything that the dojo means to us as it is our sacred place if training.

Your instructor will warm up the class by stretching to ensure everybody’s muscles are warm so nobody gets hurt. You will start with your instructor teaching you some basic, introductory Shotokan karate techniques such as front stance, horse stance, front punch, and downward block. Depending on how quickly you are picking up the techniques, your instructor may begin to teach the first Kata (form) for a white belt called Heian Shodan.

Throughout the semester, you will learn more advanced techniques, and even begin to do partner drills or Kumite (fighting).
At the end of each class you should stretch to cool down your muscles and be sure to rehydrate!

As the session goes on, and as you progress through the various belt ranks, you can expect karate to help you improve your total wellbeing – physically and mentally. Regardless of age, weight or shape, karate strengthens the cardio-vascular system, tones muscles, rapidly burns calories and develops coordination and agility skills. It also reduces tension caused by everyday stress. Mentally, karate builds self-confidence, control and discipline. It also trains students to channel mental energy in a positive manner, releasing anxieties caused by social or work related pressures. Even more importantly, karate is a lot of fun!

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